Slovenia Trout Species

Slovenia Trout

Slovenia offers a unique experience with a broad variety of fish species from Marble Trout, Brown trout, Brook and Rainbow trout, too Grayling and Huchen (Hucho hucho). A most reputable fish is the endemic species Marble trout, river star of Adriatic basin. Our guides know them by heart and are ready to assist you!

Brown Trout

A fish that defined fly fishing globally, is native to Danube river basin in Slovenia. A common species in higher well oxygenated or middle areas of rivers across Slovenia. They inhabit upper parts of unpolluted rivers and luckily we may still offer you plenty of such. Known to develop its masking pattern specifically for the river and its lay. A shy predatory fish, prefers staying in secluded and covered places. The brown trout may grow up to 10 kg (22 lb) and a length of about 90 cm (35 in) in some localities, although in most rivers, a mature weight of 1.0 kg or less is common. Fishing season: April – end of September.


Rainbow Trout

​Best known for its rainbow colour, may exhibit aggressive takes and renown of its fighting abilities. By not being so sensitive to higher temperatures and river pollution as Brown trout, it may be found in most Slovenian rivers. Non-native fish in European rivers – in Slovenia it was introduced as sport fish hundred years ago. Grows up to 90 cm (35 inches) and 10 kg (22 pounds). Up to 50 cm (20 inches) Rainbow Trout are a regular catch.



A well represented fish of Slovenian rivers, exhibit stable population in Slovenia and commonly titled a “lady of the streams”. Famous for its acrobat abilities, its most notable feature being its colourful back fin. A very attractive fish and an absolute favourite with dry fly fishermen. In Adriatic basin rivers we may find its relative Adriatic Grayling.. It may grow up to 60 cm (23 inches) and a weight at 3.5 kg (8.8 pounds), although specimen over 45 cm are considered good sized catch. Fishing season: mid May – end of November


Marble Trout

Native to Adriatic basin, it can only be found in Adriatic rivers. Known for its marbled pattern, it is considered the pride and symbol of Slovenian fly fishing and was facing a near extinction due to release of Brown Trout into their habitat resulting in crossbreeding. With the effort of fishing enthusiasts the “Marmorata” population is well recovered. Smaller Marble Trouts rely on insects and are a common catch on nymph or dry fly, while bigger ones feed mostly on fry, small fish and make a desired trophy. The big ones grow to 130 cm (51 inch) and weight up to 22 kg (55 lbs). Realistically all fish over 70 cm (26 inch) may be considered a very good catch.

Danube Salmon / Huchen

Known as the king of the river. A rite of passage to become a full fledged fisherman is to catch a Danube Salmon. Owing it’s name to being the biggest member of the Salmonidae family of the Danube river basin, it was titled as Danube Salmon or Huchen (Hucho hucho). Related to Mongolian Taimen, is a very special fish to catch – therefore we provide you with special lures but also flies imitating their prey. It can only be found in the Danube river basin and the fishing is permitted only in pairs -with a professional to ensure a proper release. The fish up to 90 cm (35 inch) Danube Salmon can regularly be caught, while it is specimen of 130 cm (51 inches), weighting over 25 kg (50 pounds) being the trophy. The fishing season: October – mid February.