Huchen Fishing in Slovenia

Experience Huchen Fishing in pristine Rivers of Slovenia

Slovenia Fly Fishing Guide Service offers professionally guided Huchen fishing trips through Slovenia.

Huchen or Danube salmon (Hucho hucho), magnificent salmonid known as the king of the rivers, is closely related to Mongolian Taimen. The fish of up to 90 cm (35 inch) are regular catch, while it is specimen over 110 cm (44 inches) attributed as the trophy.
 In former times, a Huchen hunt has been reserved as a game of nobility, but nowadays has become accessible also to the public.

Huchen Fishing for you

We pursue fly fishing for Huchen, but in adverse conditions rely on spinning too.  It can only be found in the Danube river basin streams and the fishing is permitted in pairs only, with a professional to ensure a proper release, on most waters under the watchful eye of fishing club companion or a fishing guide. ​

​Go Fly Fishing Slovenia guides are well versed in Huchen predatory habits and provide you with special flies, but also lures imitating their prey, mostly fish, minnows, mouse.

Enjoy the thrill of Huchen hunt

Season: start of October to mid February.

Specifics of Huchen fishing:

  • 2-3 fishing days are usually enough to get a strike or a catch.
  • Fly fishing for Huchen requires specific fly fishing skills – casting big flies & sinking lines/tips.
  • 6-7 hours fishing days are optimal – split between morning hours and late afternoon.
  • Vicinity of the lodge is therefore a big plus.

Our base – Krka Mayfly Lodge is located right above the deep pools of Krka river, where several Hucho’s are roaming – practically being our neighbours. In vicinity we also have the Kolpa, Sora and mighty Sava River.

More affordable all-inclusive Huchen packages have been prepared just for you! Contact us and we will provide you with the details, suggestions and availability!