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Idrijca River is the largest Soca River tributary, still beholding solid populations of native marble trout and grayling. Idrijca springs in Idrijca Hils and after joining with Belca it becomes a fishable water. In upper parts dominated by brown and marble trout. This light green river pools are a fisherman’s heaven. The population of marble trout and hybrids below town of Idrija are dense and the fish trive on healthy insect diet. The Idrijca is easily accessible from the road that runs parallel to it throughout its entire length. Abounding with fish, the river offers enjoyable fishing throughout the fishing season. Don’t count off enigmatic confluences Kanomlja and Cerknica, they may well surprise you. 

Marble trout – marmorata from Idrijca is the marble sub-type Idrijca, showing off a unique pigmentation pattern for this river. A reason more, for the visiting fly fisherman to put also Idrijca marble subspecies on your bucket-list. Besides Marble trout, Idrijca hides other beautiful fish as well. You can catch yourself a Brown troutHybrid trout a cross-breed of brown and marble, Rainbow trout and Grayling.

The fishing season is open from April to the end of October, and the only fishing method allowed is fly fishing.

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