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Best Fly Fishing Guide Service at Soca River, professionally guided Marble trout tours in Soca Valley, Slovenia.

Soca, simply stated the “first lady” of Slovenian rivers, is one of the most iconic rivers in Slovenia. A crystal-clear emerald beauty, starts its journey through the breath-taking Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps. Its upper parts in Triglav National park, painted with emerald blue pools, exchanging with faster stretches, that are easily accessible from the road. The stunning alpine river then weaves its way through several canyons. The beauty of the Soca River takes your breath away, no matter whether you are a first-time or returning visitor to this sacred space.

The fish populations are plentiful throughout the Soca. Including the native Marble trout and Adriatic Grayling, a sub-strain with bluish accent of fins, but also a rainbow trout for times when the activity is low. Also, the many smaller tributaries Lepena, Koritnica and Tolminka are delight for any serious fly fisherman. 

The fishing season is open from April to the end of October, and the only fishing method allowed is fly fishing. An experience per sure not wanted to be missed by any angler visiting Slovenia.

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