Slovenia Chalk Streams

Slovenia's amazing chalk streams

The quality of Slovenian Chalk Streams is noting short of amazing. We specialize fishing for chalkstream’s trout and grayling and are willing to share our experiences with you and live the dream at the River.

Unica an unique chalkstream of Central Europe. Ideal for fly roders, surrounded by karst meadows with a prolific insect life.​
Season: May to October

Krka the river of love, a chalkstream exceeding your expectations – upper parts resembling an classic english chalk-stream and lower a big river with numeruos waterfalls and extreme caddisflies hatches.​
Season: April to November
Danube salmon: October to mid February

Kolpa If you are a fan of wild nature and real – wild fish, you will not be left indifferent; running through one of the most unspoiled spots of Slovenia.​
Season: March to end of November
Danube salmon​: October to mid February

Radeščica a small chalkstream, perfect for a patient and skilled fishermen, who by the end of the day is rewarded with wonderful memories. Crazy mayfly hatch!​
Season: March to end of November

The Vipava mysterious river, a mixture of chalkstream and freestone, that may well surprise you. Runs between the vineyards of one of the most wine-growing regions in Slovenia.​
Season: April to end of October

Rižana a small stream flowing into Adriatic Sea, which can provide excellent spring fishing, of vast diversity.​
Season: March to end of November